WhatsApp upcoming feature allow users to send GIFs in chat

WhatsApp will Support GIFs images
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Well, as we all know WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world with over 1 billion users, soon will introduce its new feature which support the GIFs images in the chat box, which make’s WhatsApp chat more interesting and funny.

WhatsApp, new upcoming features allow you to send animated GIFs in chat. Now you can express your feeling with more emotions and have fun with more animated GIFs.

According to News18.com, Its rival ‘Viber’ messenger already introduce this feature, that’s why WhatsApp is also planning to add this new feature ‘GIFs support’ on its app.

Pastebin; A popular coding website, make a list with more than 30 improvements and changes to release the beta version soon. The Whatsapp beta release (v2.16.7.1) for iOS consider along with lots of improvements and with many bug fixes.

This beta version of WhatsApp support autoplay GIFs and allow users to share GIFs as a link with option to save the GIFs as a simple image. This new features in WhatsApp allow users to save GIFs with their camera roll and send directly reply with GIFs pics, encryption support for GIF sharing with peek and pop features.

Don’t you think, it’s make WhatsApp more interesting messenger app? People will share their own emotions with their camera roll and send really interesting and funny images like this one. 😉

WhatsApp upcoming feature allow users to send GIFs in chat

What you guys think about this new feature in WhatsApp? Let’s know your opinion via comments.

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