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Aptana Studio Version 3.4.1

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Aptana Studio is a free open source integrated development environment (IDE) for building web applications , mobile applications and online applications. Aptana Studio is based on Eclipse , it supports HTML , CSS , Javascript , Ruby , DOM , Phython and PHP with code completion feature , Javascript debugging , deployment wizards , built in terminal , Git integration and IDE customization.

Additional plugins extend the capability of Aptana Studio. Aptana Studio is available for Windows , Mac OSX and Linux.

Aptana Studio Version 3.4.1
Editor FeaturesAuto indentation featureBackground Syntax CheckingFind & ReplaceMultiple Language SupportSplit-file ViewLine NumbersSyntax Coloring

Spell Checking

Variable Highlighting

Debugger FeaturesBreakpointsLocal & Remote DebuggingRegular Expression Toolkit
Supported DatabasesMYSQLOracle
System RequirementsWindows – 512 RAM , Pentium 4-Level ProcessorMac OSX – 512 RAM PowerPC G4/G5 , Intel or Mac OSX 10.4+Linux – 512 RAM , Pentium 4-Level Processor
LicenseDual License


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