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Top 10: Improve your Health and Fitness with these best Apps – Android & iOS

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How to reboot your life the healthy way? – Regular workout/exercise routine has a great way to be fit and fine. But still some time we need some expert advice or more tips about it.

Now take your health adviser or personal traineror with you, where ever you go. Well, i’m talking about your smartphone. These days smartphone are not just use for phone call or chatting, use your smartphone as a personal trainer and get the best tips from the expert with in second, ‘Anytime, Anywhere’.

Today, i’m sharing some of the best health & fitness apps for your smartphone device. With the help of these apps you will get a regular based instruction and tips about health & fitness. It’s just like your personal trainer or adviser. These apps will give you the best healthy tips.

These apps help’s you to track your performance/workout on daily basics, also gives you some simple and effective instruction through videos and text messages to improve your health and fitness.

Check out these 10+ best health and fitness apps collection for both android and iOS users.

Best Health and Fitness Apps


#1) FitStar Personal Trainer

FitStar_Personal_Trainer- Health & Fitness Apps[Free: iOS]

This app work with you as a personal trainer. Fitstar Personal Trainer assesses you needs by asking you a simple set of question at the end of every workout.


#2) Zombies, Run!

Zombies-Run - Health & Fitness Apps[Price: $1.99, Android | iOS]

Zombies Run is a fitness app which works on an audio adventure and also a video game. Listen the story about zombies and then run to compete the mission. This is really a unique way to motivate people for run. This comes with both free version with in-app purchases and paid app.


#3) Pocket Yoga

Pocket-Yoga- Health & Fitness Apps[Price: $2.99, Android | iOS]

Yoga, the best way to improve your health and body flexibility. Pocket Yoga app is the best for those who want to start yoga. This app include 27 different sessions based on your level of experience with over 200 poses listed with images and videos.


#4) 7 Minute Workout

7-Minute-Workout - Health & Fitness Apps[Free – with in-app purchases: Android | iOS]

Simple and amazing design make this app different from others. This app comes with 12 exercises, which can be performed at home with minimal equipment. To make your task easy watch their videos tutorial on how to do it.


#5 Nike+ Training Club

Nike plus training club - - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: Android | iOS]

This app created by Nike master trainers which offer more than 100 workouts with tutorial for beginners which is the best option. All you have to do is select your fitness goal in this app and follow the workout plans.


#6 CARROTfit

CarrotFitIcon - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: iOS]

This is a weight-tracking app. It doesn’t hurt that moves have names like “territory marker” for a lunge and “dragon mating dance” for a push-up into a side plank. The app’s virtual trainer will have you laughing so hard you’ll hardly realize that you’re plowing through a series of difficult bodyweight exercises. ($2.99; iOS)


#7 Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Runtastic_Six_Pack_Abs - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: Android | iOS]

Try this free app to create six pack abs. Choose a workout program (which is in between 10 to 30 days) and then follow the instruction of any avatar and start workout. Through videos instruction you will learn each exercise easily.


#8 Fitnet

Fitnet_App - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: Android | iOS]

Fitnet Fitness app, follow the instruction from personal trainers in the listed workout videos. This app not only give you the video instruction but also track your workout through your smartphone/ tablet camera.


#9 Sworkit

Sworkit App Icon - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: Android | iOS]

Simple design with many exercise as short as five minutes and as long as an hour. Choose any of exercise you’re looking for like; cardio, yoga, strength and many more different workouts from the app.


#10 Fitmo

Fitmo- Health & Fitness Apps[Paid: iOS]

The main focus of this app is providing personal trainer to everyone which sets up your fitness schedule and suggests meal ideas, also constantly connected with you with text message and video call. This personal trainer cost you $40/month if you want. And with more other features and instruction of workout it will cost $8.77/month; iOS.


#11 Argus

argus app - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: iOS]

This app is useful in tracking and analyzing your daily routine and tell you if you’re changing elevation or speed to track things like stairs and runs and show the analytics with beautiful charts


#12 MapMyFitness

MapmyFitness - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: Android | iOS]

With best in tracking activities and easy to use interface, this app is one of the most popular app in the app store. This app allow you to set many challenges for yourself or friends and track you performance.


#13 MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal - - Health & Fitness Apps[Free: Android | iOS]

MyFitnessPal is a ‘food and nutrition app’ which gives you the information about best nutrition meals for your health. It also provide the estimate nutritional information of your meals, just put recipe in the app.


These are the best collection of Health and Fitness apps for android and iOS users. If you have more apps like these let us know via comments. Like us for more useful apps list in future. Enjoy!

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  • These are the apps that could help you with your fitness goals. If you think you need them, try downloading these apps so that you can make your weight loss goal more exciting. Apps could also help in determining the things that you need to do to make your body fit and healthy.

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