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Location Tracker – My Helper, A Location Task Manager Apps

location tracker my helper
Written by Kumar

location tracker my helperDescription

Download “Location Tracker” Android Apps which locate your position and automatically change your phone state from ring to silent or vibrator. Location Tracker Apps tack you whether you are in office, school, or gym etc. and change your smart phone profile from general to silent. Location Tracker apps also turn on and off Wi-Fi, blue-tooth, adjust brightness and change wallpaper according to you location.

How to use Location Tracker:

1)       Press and hold finger (Long click) on map to add place.

2)       Click on any tagged place and you can change name, radius of fence and also add events.

3)       You can also search any place by clicking on search button.


Location Tracker Features:

  • Search and add place
  • Notify you when you enter that place
  • 3D Maps and buildings
  • Address searching
  • Auto brightness handling
  • Auto Wi-Fi & Bluetooth state handling
  • Auto GPRS/3g/4g state handling
  • Google maps
  • Street View
  • Offline Maps
  • Auto SMS to any desired number
  • Mute app
  • Track others phone


Technical Info:

  • Title: Location Tracker
  • Size: 1.0M
  • Version : 1.6
  • Requires Android : 2.2 and up
  • Apps Site:

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