A 16-year-old girl has made £48,000 helping to give Chinese babies English names

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A 16-year-old has made £48,000 from a website she made to give Chinese babies English names.

Yes, it’s true! According to BBC News, she makes a website to help Chinese people name their babies.

Beau Jessup, a British A-level student from Gloucestershire, came up with the idea after a family visit to China.

They were out for a meal with friends when she was asked to give an English name to a newborn baby.

In China, it is considered important to have an English name for future study or business with the UK.

In China, they name their child based on the elements and Beau wanted a similarity between how they pick their Chinese name and how they pick their English name.

And she does this by assigning personality traits to each English name.

They also select the gender of the baby and pay the equivalent of 60p.

The three chosen names are then shared with family and friends on We-Chat, China’s WhatsApp equivalent, to help make the final decision.

Each suggestion is printed on a certificate with its meaning and an example of a famous person with that name.

Beau says that when she was first asked to name her father’s friend’s baby, she was surprised.

“I’m not really qualified or relevant enough in that baby’s life to be the person to give it a name.”

But after hearing of some of the “embarrassing” names, Beau decided she needed to act.

“It is called ‘special name’ and it’s based on individual preference and what they personally want their child to be.”


Beau says it’s quite strange to know she’s named more than 200,000 babies

“It’s nice to be a part of such a happy experience and be a part of those young stages in a baby’s life.”

The site’s success has been a pleasant surprise.

“I wanted to do it just to see if an idea could turn into more than just simply an idea.

“And I never expected it to become more than just a small project because I never really considered myself very academic.

“It is obviously a nice surprise, but it is definitely a surprise.”

The website doesn’t make a feature of Beau’s age.

In fact, it shows an older woman in the “about us” section.

“It is a photo of a lady from [stock photo site] Stockshare which I purchased as I wanted people to take the service seriously – and I was aware they may not take it seriously if they knew my age,” she explains.

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