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Top 5+ Best Translator Apps for your Smartphone

Written by DownloadOL

To make your travel or learning new language easy, we collect these best translating app for your smartphone. These translator app also include dictionary and voice features so it’s not a difficult to understand other language. Try these best translating app for android, iPhone and window phone users.

Best Translator Apps


iTranslate Voice

[Android | iOS]

iTranslate is a very simple and easy to use translator app, this app also include dictionary service. This translator app cover 90 languages, just choose the word or phrase to translate and have the translation spoken back. If you’re worrying about spelling, this app will detect what you’re trying to type just like Google advance search option. You can communicate with another person live in their own native language by connection two users wirelessly.

iTranslate Voice App

Google Translate

[Android | iOS]

Hope you have ever tried Google translate through browser, but now you can use Google Translate in your smartphone. It support more than 90 languages. Just select the input and output languages and then enter text you want to translate. It also show alternatives search result for misspelled words or phrases. This app also allow you to take a photo of a sign and the app will identify the words and translate it into the selected language you choose.

Google Translate App



[Android | iOS]

Sometime it’s happen, when we don’t understand the words written on a pager or board, but don’t worry, there is a new app which allow you to take a photo of the text you don’t understand. The app will detect the words from the images and translate it for you. You can save these translation images because you will only get 10 a month for free.



Microsoft Translator

[ Android | iOS | Window Phone]

This app developed by Microsoft which have more than 40 languages. This app allows different input methods like text, voice and camera. Also this application have offline feature no need to connect every time to the internet. You can download this app from Microsoft Window Phone official store.

Microsoft Translator App


SayHi Translate


Just talk to your device and the app will reproduce the translated words. This translator app offers a voice recognition system and it supports more than 40 languages. You can even manage the speed of the voice by moving a slider towards left or right. You need internet connection to use this application.

SayHi Translate App


Voice Translate Pro

[ Android | iOS | Window Phone]

This app make the conversation with foreign people very easy. This app support 10 languages that are spoken in over 100 countries. Choose the preferred input and output languages and speak, it will translate and speak the result back.

Voice Translate Pro


Fast Talk by Lonely Planet


The best part of this app is that, it does not need internet connection to translate the languages. But this application only support few languages (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and Iraqi Arabic), but developers are saying that they will add more languages in future.

Fast Talk by Lonely Planet app


So, this article is about “The best translator Apps”. If you know some more apps like these please share and like us for more useful apps list in future. Enjoy!

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