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Top 10: Best Useful & Basic Business Apps for iPhone users

iScanner iphone app for iPhone
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Check out the list of basic and useful business apps for every businessman!

We all know how apps make our works easy, simple and faster. Apps play important role in our day to day life. These days, we can’t even imagine a businessman’s life without application because board meeting, group conversations, video chat, creating & scanning files, docs & project manager and many more other activities are the basic parts of a business and to these, you need such applications to do that particular task for you.

There are so many applications out there for our goods, but it’s difficult to find such apps that perform special task for you, effectively.

So, here we collect 12 useful business apps for every startups or small business owner (YES! for milliners too). Trust me, you will definitely need some of these apps once or many time in your business life.

These are iPhone apps and most of them are free and some have paid/pro option. These apps will make your work easier and helps lots in your business works.

Let us know if these apps are really useful for you via comments. And if you already using some useful business apps, please share with our readers.

Best Business Apps for iPhone


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

We always use laptops or PC to create/read PDF files. But it’s really hard to carry your macbook or pc everywhere. right? so, why don’t we use our iPhone to do that task for us. Now Read, Create and Share PDF files through your smartphone. Most common use of this app in every business for read PDF files. Quickly open PDF doc, also store and share files in the cloud.


iScanner – PDF Document Scanner App


Well it’s good to scan your important docs with scanner. But sometime we fall in a situation, when we don’t have scanner and have to send docs immediately to our boss or employees.

Wait! When we gonna use our iPhone 8MP camera? But it’s look really unprofessional when we clicks docs images with lots of background. Solution?

iScanner app helps you to scan books, receipts, any kinds of documents, paper notes, writeboards, schedules, timetables – anything you might need in your day to day life. Also, you can store your PDF or JPEG files on online popular host services.


Evernote Scannable


This apps automatically crop your documents, business cards, and whatever you want to scan with your iphone’s camera. Easy, simple and fast!




A scheduling app, works like your personal assistant. Check schedules and send text or email alerts to notify staff about the schedule or other important messages.




Businessman life’s are very busy. There are so many task to do in our daily routine, so it quite possible that we skipped/forget some tasks. But not any more; Feed your to-do list of the day and it will guide you task by task, until it’s time to move on next task.




Outstanding way to keep in touch with your team, handling chat and files-slinging with aplomb, and integrating with a heaping helping of third-party productivity services.




Integrating with your calendar, figuring out which services you have to call into, and reminding you when it’s time to call in. It works with WebEx, GoToMeeting, and several other popular services.




This app set up a four-way video chat in seconds. Just tap the ‘Get a Room’ button, and share the link with up to three other people and you’re live. The service works across multiple platforms, so people can join from Android phones, Macs, and PCs.




Hope you already know about this app. This app allow you to post your status on multiple social networks website at scheduled times throughout the day.


Adobe Voice


If you want to create marketing videos and you have next to no video skills then this app will definitely help you lot. You can create a good video presentation with help of some images and text.




Easy and very simple app choice as a note-keeper. Also sync notes in real-time of all other devices.




App features new content every day, consisting of quizzes, games, case studies and more that cover entrepreneurship and innovation.

Hope you find some useful apps in this article about ‘Best Business apps for iPhone’.

Keep in touch for next updates. Thanks!

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