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Top 10: Best Kids Apps Collection to Improve Basic Education

Best Educational kids apps
Written by DownloadOL

Here are some best free and cheap apps collection for kids of any ages. These apps are good for your children to improve their knowledge especially for babies, toddlers and for school kids. 10 best apps for your kids.

Taking care of children is not easy in these days, especially when it comes on entertaining and educating them. Parents have lots of work to do, that’s why they didn’t have/spend that much time with their children.

But still every parents have to take care of their children’s basic knowledge and activities. So, to make your task easy, we make a good collection of these apps which helps your children to learn new things and activities.

Here are some good collections of apps for your smartphone and tablet. I’m sure babies and toddle will not only enjoying these apps but also they will learn lots of new things from these apps like; Alphabet, Animal names, colors, Math etc.

If you want to give some basic education to your children, then these apps are best for you. Let them enjoy and develop their imagination and learning skills through these best kids apps collection.

Best kids apps for basic education:

Animals for Kids Forest

Best Kids apps

This app is a funny educational game for your kids. Besides watching beautiful cartoon animals your task will be to clean the habitats from trash and see how funny animals rewards you.


Alphabet Flashcards

Best Kids apps

This app will help your children to learn the alphabet using flash cards.


Math on the Farm

Best Kids apps

Math on the Farm is an amazing app for all kids. This is a creative maths learning tool based on stories.


Zoo Alphabet for Kids

Best Kids apps

Again funny and easy way to learn basic alphabets.


Learn Music for Kids

Best Kids apps

This app help your kids to learn about music.


aMath Numbers Eng

Best Kids apps

Free educational math game based on the Tetris principle. Learning maths in funny way. Good for toddles and preschooler.


Learn to Spell

Best Kids apps

Creative way to teach your children about new thing with images and how to spell.


What’s The Sound?

Best Kids apps

Good way to teach about animal and other things with images and sound.


Colouring Pages for Kids

Best Kids apps

This app will help your kids to remember the colors name and good way to show their creativity. Let them learn about colors and paints.


LapsoBOX Cartoon Puzzle

Best Kids apps

This app helps to develop brain power in your kids.


These are the 10 best education apps for kids, hope you find these apps useful for kids. We will comes with more useful and helpful apps for you. Keep in touch for more useful updates. Don’t forget to you’re your feedback through comments. Enjoy!

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